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by | Feb 14, 2024

February 14, 2024

Happy Valentine’s Day all.  We spent the day in the small town of Picton.  When Kim came back to the ship for lunch, she said she wanted me to go see this city park, it was beautiful.  So, after lunch (spoiler alert for those participating in the over under how many times will Steve leave the boat) we went to the park, as you can see from today’s photo choice it was a beautiful place. 

Let’s get right to the Pool Chronicles.  Nothing funny today, but educational.  A lady is on the World Cruise and wears about twenty silver bracelets, she says she never removes them.  They were given to her by her grandmother, who would bring her one every time she traveled.  Every one has a story to tell.  Anyway, we learned she is married and her husband does like cruising.  She goes on a world Cruise every year, without him.  Now, I’m kind of missing my friends, I can’t imagine if Kim weren’t here.  On one such Cruise she met a man from Switzerland who had a different girlfriend for each of the three segments!  Wow, that’s an aggressive schedule. 

I also heard a man from Calgary, Canada talking with a couple from Halifax, Canada.  He said when his wife died he retired and started cruising, He met his current wife on that first cruise and now they do a World Cruise every year to honor their marriage.   How sweet is that!  Just Valentine stories. 

Our last day in New Zealand is spent in New Plymouth.  Followed by a 3 day sail in the Tasman Sea to get to Sidney, Australia. 

All for now, more later, maybe……….


  1. Mary Jane Rheaume

    Steve, I want you to know I read your blogs every day and love to follow your travels. Always such fun gossip.
    And I see you sitting off the ship which tells me you do join Kim some days. I see that you’ll be cruising around N.Z in the coming days before porting at Australia. Will be on the watch for more stories from you. Hugs to you and Kim

    • Mary Jane Rheaume

      Happy Valentines Day to you and Kim.
      I forgot to add this earlier


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