Mystery on the Dock

by | Feb 15, 2024

February 15, 2024

New Plymouth, NZ

Our last day in New Zealand, for a couple of years.  It was just another day until……..wait, let me back up a little.

Throughout this entire Cruise, we have always docked with the starboard side of the ship to the dock, leaving us with a great view of the harbor all day, But, today, we docked with the port side to the dock, so I got to watch cargo ships and fishing vessels come and go. 

We weren’t scheduled to set sail until 11:00 PM, so after dinner, we sat out on our veranda and just watched the activity around us.  About 9:00, a heavy-duty looking flatbed truck with a crane on the back showed up.  Soon after a pickup truck with advertising identifying it as a diver and salvage company, parked next to the truck. 

The crane backed up to the edge of the dock and set out his stabilizers.  The diver put on a wet suit and tank.  We were wonder what in the world we were watching. 

The crane operator signaled to the diver that he was ready, so the diver stepped off the dock and into the water.  The crane operator was moving the crane around, but we couldn’t see anything.  Soon, the diver showed up back on the dock.  So, now it’s becoming quite obvious that the diver hooked the crane up to something.  But what?  Did a boat sink? Did something large fall off a cargo ship?  All the dock workers were positioning themselves for a good viewing platform. What could it be?   

Soon, we saw it, it was a car.  Not an old piece of junk, but a late model silver sedan!  Wow, what’s the back story here, how did it get off the dock and into the water?  Was there going to be a body?  Was it stolen? There are a million questions we are asking each other.  But sorry, No clue.

By now at least my Liars Club friends are calling B.S.  and probably some other are too.  But I have photos!  It really happened. 


  1. Sheila Shaw

    Glad it’s not my car 🙂

  2. Kip Stodghill

    Don’t ask, don’t tell.


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