Trama and Drama on th high seas

by | Apr 14, 2024

April 14, 2024

We were delayed by immigration for two hours in Shanghai. So, we were already late.  Then at o’dark thirty, the captain declared a medical emergency and had changed course to Taipei to get the medically necessary care for the sick guest.   Somewhere along the way we were intercepted by the Taiwanese Coast Guard and the patient transfer was initiated.  It was no easy task getting the gurney from our ship to theirs.  After several failed attempts, they finally used the tender dock, but they were not tall enough to get the gurney transfer done. So, they called upon all tall crew members to lift, and they made it, transfer complete. 

Soon after, the captain reset a course for Hong Kong.  And we were back on track, sort of.   Once again, the captain gave us an update.  Due to the time spent on the medical evacuation and the fact that we now have lost one of our engines, we would be arriving about 12 hours late. He assured us that he had been given the green light from corporate and they would send the necessary repair parts to Hong Kong and we would be ready when we left Hong Kong.  Then the captain again announced that we had hit unfavorable currents, and we would be delayed by two hours or more.  We finally docked around 10:30 that night. All this time we were being told that we would have to have a face-to-face immigration meeting as soon as we arrived.  Well, finally someone got smart and delayed the immigration process until early this morning. 

Remember the guy who was walking to immigration back in Shanghai that fell even though he was using a walker?  We learned that he broke his hip and is no longer on the cruise.   This cruising thing is only for the tough.  We also got an update on the lady that was evacuated by the Coast Guard. She will be okay but will not be returning to the ship. 

Last night we had dinner with Chuck and Nancy at the new specialty restaurant, Solis, a Mediterranean cuisine restaurant with a menu sporting 155 Entrees.  It was good but we miss our steak house.

Today. Kim went mountain climbing with mechanical help.

When she gothere this is the view she had. Yes, that is our ship on the left side of the picture.

The bus rules.

The elevator rules.

Too many rules, let’s get out of here.

Well, I told you all I was going to do something that would shock everyone that knows me.  Well, I sat for a fitting for a custom Taylor made suit.   Wow, what got into me?  Well, before you start a go fund me account for my psychology treatments, I did order my suit with shorts.  It didn’t even phase the Taylor when I made that request.


  1. Colleen Stodghill

    I for one will be glad when y’all are home….love y’all


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