Storm, at Dock

by | Feb 19, 2024

February 19,2024

Sidney Australia

So, Australia is at the top of my shit list today.  For some reason, they made us all get off the ship at 7:30 this morning, so we could sit around and wait for 2 hours before reboarding.  Some immigration thing, I guess. 

Well, we have come to the official end of our first segment of our trip.  So, about 200 of our mates are leaving us and a good number of crew.  We will pick up 200 new guests and some new crew.  We are also provisioning again.  That means IPA again (we didn’t get any).  Last time we provisioned, the IPA lasted less than 2 days.  The bar manager said that has never happened before.  I told him that I hoped that most of the 200 guests leaving were the IPA drinkers and we may be okay.  We will see. 

Last night around the pool, we had an Epicurean Delight.  Epicurus was a Greek Philosopher, and his ideas centered around an orgy of Greek food and drink.  Well, that it was, it was wonderful.  I hope no one is getting the idea that all we (I) do around here is eat and drink.  That’s absolutely not correct, we have to sleep sometimes!

This afternoon, we had a huge thunder and lightening storm.  Kim hid in the cabin; I sat by the pool and watched the spectacle unfold.  Local News said 4 people were struck by lightning, the airport was closed for a while, there were scattered power outages and over 7500 strikes per hour were recorded.  That’s a big storm. 

We leave Sidney tonight bound for Queensland, day after tomorrow.  Yep, tomorrow is a sea day. 


  1. Mary Jane Rheaume

    Wow! Sounds like bad weather happening there. Orgies and drunk people do not make for goodwill . Then a big storm comes to
    Clear the air. When will you be near the Red Sea? Looks like maybe turmoil there according to the evening news. Will that be an area you avoid? You mentioned this a while back that you may come home earlier? Tell Kim we enjoyed her text message this past weekend. Be safe out there 💙🥰♥️

  2. Steve Sharp

    Hi MJ,
    Glad you are following us. Yes, the Red Sea is a problem, as we knew before we left home. Seabourn has chosen to cut our trip short by a month and send us home from Singapore. Life happens.

  3. Jim Nicholson

    Love all the comments you post. It’s fun tracking not only the journey but your thoughts and experiences along the way!
    Good day mate!

  4. Sheila Shaw

    Love your posts. I do read them all 🙂
    So glad you are having such a wonderful time. Which dessert did Kim choose to eat first? Both looked wonderful.

    • Steve Sharp

      Well, truth be told, pictured is her second plate of those puffy things!

  5. Kip Stodghill

    I would have loved to have been there watching that lightning show!


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