Sailing, Sailing

by | Feb 25, 2024

February 25, 2024

Townsville, Au

Who would name their town Townsville?  Odd, don’t you think?

Well, tonight we did something we have never done before on a cruise ship.  Cruise ships have food available to you pretty much 24/7, and it’s free (included in the fair that is).  But then they entice you with offers to go to the specialty restaurants, for a small additional fee.  Well, free food is good enough for us, up until tonight. 

Tonight, we had a celebrity chef, Vincent Lim.  He prepared a five-course meal pared with exotic wines, check out the menu. The appetizer was paired with Dom Perignon champagne (never had that before).  It just got better from there.  Everything was perfect.  We did not choose the snapper, by the way.

It’s been a bit hot, so the action at the pool has been slow.  Tonight, we are sailing to Carins for a two day stay.  As always, there are always lots of ways to spend your money on excursions but check this one out.  For $15,000 per couple, they will take you off the ship and fly you to the outback for 5 nights and bring you back to the ship in Darwin.  I just don’t get it. 

So, sorry no chuckles tonight, I will snoop out something tomorrow, stay tuned. 


  1. Sheila Shaw

    Whew …. at first I thought that’s what you had to pay for the special dinner (tee hee).

  2. Richard Erickson

    It never hurts to go first class now and then… I always said
    “if’s really not that much more you just can’t stay as long”


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