Republic of China

by | Mar 24, 2024

March 24, 2024

Taipei, Taiwan, Republic of China.

Our third and final stop in Taiwan.  Day one, we found our internet blocked, but later that afternoon, it was unblocked, and we have had it ever since.  Brian, our chief of security told us that was normal.  They block all internet until they investigate it, if they find it clean, they unblock it. 

Our first stop, Kaohsiung, had us marveling at the architecture. 

The brand-new terminal building was amazing.  Check out this building, I swear it was built from Legos.

The next stop was a little island just off the mainland.  Kim went walking and decided to try some iced tea (it is China you know), her first try was at McDonalds.  It turned out to be sweet tea and she poured it out.  She stopped at another little shop and the iced tea turned out to be iced coffee, yuck.  0 for 2, not trying again.  She bought me another pineapple, yum.

Now in our second day in Taipei, several people are experiencing eye and throat irritation from the air quality.  Yesterday, Kim (and others) got up at 0 dark 30 and went shopping with the chefs.  They went on a bus for about 40 minutes to another town and the market was amazing.  Take a look at some of the stuff they saw.

The chefs.

Fresh noodles.

Fresh pork.

Ever seen a gray chicken?

I think he just had a pedicure!

Oops, got it in twice.

Kim just told me that so far on this trip, she has read 16 books and watched 22 movies.   She is more concerned about China and spying than  am, she has kept her phone and computer off the entire time.  Probably a smart move, I guess that’s why I didn’t do the same.

To honor the old and the new, this photo is from our veranda, showing an old pagoda on the hill and a modern cruise ship in the foreground. 

Well, today marks the end of another segment.  150 guests ended their cruise here and 160 new cruisers joined us.  I’m excited to get 160 new victims for Pool Chronicles, but there are a lot of Chinese people joining us. They will probably not be good subjects for me.

Next stop, Japan  

Stay tuned.


  1. Mary Jane Rheaume

    Oh yoy! I wouldn’t make it through that fish cleaning place . The smell !!
    And it looks like kids doing the cleaning.
    Stay safe and I phones off for sure.
    Spring is here and all the cherry blossoms are so pretty. Take care, come home safely.

  2. Phil

    I don’t recommend the bat.

  3. Richard Erickson

    Remember COVID came from a wet market 😂😂 be careful what you eat. I’m looking forward to poolside chronicles of Chinese swimmers. Your adventures are amazing.


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