Japan last and final stop in that country

by | Apr 6, 2024

April 5-6, 2024

Nagasaki, Japan

When I looked out this morning and saw we were actually in Nagasaki, Japan, I was quite surprised.  You’ll have to read more to understand why I was so surprised. 

Nagasaki is the other city we destroyed with an A-Bomb.  I’m not sure why it is a lesser-known story than Hiroshima, but it is. 

We have now headed south, and the temperature has risen 10 degrees, yah.  As we continue south, it will just get warmer. 

We have been warned again today that this day might be our last for internet connections because China will most likely shut us down tomorrow.  So, if you don’t hear from me for a few days, don’t worry.  I will keep writing and will publish it as soon as possible. 

We are parked about a half mile from Chinatown and have had some good food for lunch. 

Kim’s knee is still bothering her, so she is not able to walk as much as she would like to, but at least she is getting to the things she wants to see. 

Tomorrow is a sea day and then we will be stuck in Shanghai for 3 days, yuck. 

Confucius 72 men that studied under him. 

This bridge was built in the 1600’s, wow.

This huge lattice structure uses no nails or glue.  Joined by groves and holes.  It was originally backed by glass, and it made it look like stained glass, but now it is backed by plywood.

Another bartender is Nada, pronounced Nadja, she is from Montenegro.  She celebrated her 26th birthday on April 2nd.  My oldest granddaughter also celebrated her 26th birthday on April 2nd, strange.  She and Kim compare notes often on their explorations.  Nada doesn’t get much time off the ship, but she uses it to the fullest.

And now it’s time for pool chronicles, you just can’t make this shit up. I was just sitting out at the pool having lunch, when this group of nine elders took two tables and moved them together.  They were new to me.  They all had their seasick patches behind their ears, even though the ship hasn’t rocked for a minute in the last several days.  Their ordering process was quite an ordeal, but that’s not what got me.  One of the ladies asks where we are now, and another stated, correctly that we are in Yeosu, Korea.  And where will we be tomorrow, she asks.  Again, a correct answer of Nagasaki, Japan.  She then exclaims that there is no way that this “boat” can get from Korea to Japan overnight.  I was immediately overcome with emotion.   Have I been sailing on the seas for 45 years blindly trusting the itinerary and the crew?  What if it was all imaginary?  Shall I run and tell the captain that he cannot do what he is planning to do tonight?  She said it with such authority, it was hard to question her statement.  And now you know why I was surprised to see we were actually in Japan this morning.  What kingdom does she rule?  I’m glad I am not one of her subjects. 

We travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us.

Good night all and thanks for continuing to check in with me.


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