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February 8, 2024

Another day, another Island in New Zealand.    From where we anchored, we could see Auckland, so why did it take 13 hours for us to sail there?  Kim went exploring and I made sure no one drowned in the pool.   Today was our second day at anchor and I pleased to inform you that the earplugs did the trick and the tenders did not wake me as they were lowered.  Great day, great weather, and great views. 

February 9, 2024

Auckland New Zealand, today I had to set my alarm because a friend and fellow colleague from Kim’s Houston days, picked us up at 10 and gave us a bit of a tour around the city before taking us to her house.  They had lots to talk about because the last time they saw each other was 27 years ago.  I’m pleased to announce that this is one more of Kim’s friends that I’ve never met.   We took her to lunch at this amazing café right on the harbor and boat basin.  We had Fish and chips.  We returned to the ship about 3 in the afternoon.  Well, when Jan picked us up, she told Kim to sit in the back with her puppy and instructed me to sit up front.  So, I went to the passenger door and opened it, when Jan said no no no, I’ll drive oops cars drive on the wrong side of the road here.  It reminded both of us about the time 5 years ago when we rented an RV and toured around New Zealand, Kim was forever trying to climb into the wrong side of the motorhome.  Auckland is our second 2-day port, so we have all day here tomorrow. 

And now more from the Pool deck Chronicles, you just can’t make this shit up.

So, two ladies at the table behind me.  The bar server asked them what they would like to drink.  One said she would like a Margarita; he got it and served it to her.  He soon came back around and asked how she liked it, she said it was a little too tart and wondered if could somehow be made a little sweeter.  He immediately said let me have the bartender make you new margarita, she replied no no we can’t waste good tequila.  He went and got her a shot of simple syrup (sugar water) and poured it into her drink and asked her to taste it which she did and said it was perfect.  Not long after this, she ordered another one.  When he brought it to her, she asked if he needed her cabin number of key card to pay for the drinks, of course he told her there was no charge.  She thanked him and gave him a tip.  I’ll look for you when I thirsty again.  Well, there are two problems here.  Everyone on this ship got on in Los Angeles a month ago.  How could she not know that drinks are free?  Two, tips are neither expected or desired by the crew, Seabourn takes very good care of its employees. 

Tonight’s photo is our dinner on our veranda.  It was 8 PM and the sun was just starting to set.  73 degrees, perfect!

More another day.


  1. Sheila Shaw

    Maybe she came by helicopter and you didn’t hear because you had your ear plugs in,

    • Steve Sharp

      Of course, thanks for enlightening me.

  2. Richard Erickson

    Hey pal, nice you got off the ship! Fun times.. drinking by the pool sounds good.


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